XEN laptop

per il desktop vedere qui: https://fcel2008.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/xen-vga-passthrough-hardware/

per i notebook, l’ uso di XEN è limitato dal fatto che ci vuole un doppio monitor per sfruttare il VGA passthrough: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2178482

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posted 2013-Nov-6, 4:03 pm

Hi guys,

I’m thinking about buying a new laptop and using Xen on it. Probably with Debian or Ununtu Gnome as dom0.

I’ve never messed around with VGA passthrough and I’m wondering what’s possible with it on a laptop. It seems most people use 2 graphics cards in a desktop and a physical kvm switcher to switch between the two.

If I bought a laptop with onboard Intel graphics and discrete Nvidia graphics, will I be able to run a Linux dom0 (and use Gnome, etc) and then spin up a Windows domU and somehow switch between the two on the same screen? With keyboard and mouse working in both?

I don’t think this is yet possible but thought I’d ask 🙂 I saw a demo somewhere on Youtube where they’ve nailed it on Android tablets… press power and Vol-UP and you switch to a new tablet instance!. I was hoping there’d be an easy way to switch between two instances on a laptop and have everything work nicely…


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posted 2013-Nov-6, 4:43 pm

Make sure both CPU and Mainboard support VT-d……and that you can enable this in the bios. The Intel site is a good guide to what CPU’s and mainboard chipsets support this.

I’d try to avoid any laptop with an nVidia card, as I think only the Quadro cards are able to be passed through with any success. The Intel GPU should be able to be passed through.

I think it is probably PCI passthrough that you are after. That was the easiest way for me to passthrough graphics cards.

You can use a VNC viewer to access DomU on the same screen.

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posted 2013-Nov-13, 12:21 pm

I didn’t have any luck passing through my nvidia either, so I opted to buy an ATI card, and the pass through works out of the box.

You could otherwise pass through the onboard intel graphics to windows (vt-d), while linux uses the nvidia card.

Once windows has booted and is using say the onboard intel graphics… then no, you can’t switch between them (unless you rdp,etc). but I would recommend hooking two monitors up if you’re able to do it that way.

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