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Hi, after the 4.4.4 upgrade on my Nexus 4, every time I open Google maps takes forever to find me and if I try to use navigation or any other app (such as tomtom) I keep hearing the same message: gps signal lost.

I contacted Google directly and got some feedback today which I’ll try:
If you are having trouble with GPS on your device, try the following: (hope it solves it)

Step 1: If your device is rooted or modified, revert your device to original factory image.
– Troubleshooting steps may not work on rooted/modified devices.
– You can re-image your device with the instructions from the following link:

Step 2: To wipe the cache partition, do the following:
1. Go into the device’s ‘Settings.’
2. Under the Device section, tap ‘Storage.’
3. Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Cached data.’
4. Touch ‘OK’ to confirm.

Step 3: Restart the device in safe mode
– With the device on, hold the ‘Power’ button to get the ‘Power off’ prompt.
– Touch and hold ‘Power off’ until the ‘Reboot to safe mode’ prompt appears.
– Touch ‘OK’ to reboot in safe mode.
– Note: To exit safe mode later, simply restart the device normally.

Step 4: Check location settings on the device.
– Go to “Settings” on the device.
– If using a phone, swipe down the screen with two fingers, then touch “Settings.”
– If using a tablet, swipe down the screen from the right side of the top of the screen, then touch “Settings.”
– Under “Personal,” touch “Location access.”
– Ensure that Location slider at the top right is turned on. You may need to agree to “Location consent” when turning this feature on.
– Touch “Mode” and select “Device only.”
– Although Wi-Fi can improve location services and GPS functionality, we are strictly testing the GPS function.

Step 5: Calibrate and test GPS
– If possible, ensure your device has a clear view of the sky. GPS may not work in some buildings, in a parking garage, surrounded by buildings, in the mountains, underground, etc.
– Hold the device out securely in one hand.
– Move the device in a Figure 8 pattern. and repeat this motion several times.
– After a minute (ideally a few minutes), open Google Maps.
– When the app loads, touch the location button on the bottom right of the map.
– A pop-up may appear asking to “Improve your location.” This is because GPS is not using Wi-Fi or data to help. Touch “Cancel.”
– The app should zoom in on your location.
– Determine if your location is accurate (you may need to zoom out a bit).
– While holding your device securely, if you rotate and point your device to different directions, the arrow on your blue location dot should also rotate to match which direction your device is facing.


I had the signal lost, no GPS, and then no internet.

After a whole week of trying several suggestions in the net, e.g. restart to Safe Mode, “reset [APN] to default”, and others, I found a new suggestion in some UK website for Android. Just adding a “new” APN with a new name got the GPS and internet back (Mobile Network, APNs, then touch the + sign to add a new APN). I tried the browsers and the navigation; all worked a bless. Later, I did a “Reset to default” for APN and it worked fine, as well; looks like adding the new APN (or a new one with a reset to default) removed some bad codes.

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