Systemd NFS mount

Devo studiare questo nuovo metodo:, diverso dal “vecchio” FSTAB.

Creare un servizio chiamato mount_point.mount :

Description=test nfs mount script
#Network mounts *require* 'network-online.service' which checks if the network is online
#Our scripts must start *after* 'network-online.service', on timeout and if 'network-online.service' fails we can not mount and this scripts fails too

#The share we want mount
#Where we want mount this share
#Any options you usually use with the "-o" parameter in the mount command
#Filesystem type 

#The target is used by 'systemctl enable <name_of_this_file.mount>' to link this service to a runlevel for starting on boot. usually '' is ok here.

Important: this file must be renamed to mountpoint.mount where mountpoint, is the FULL path where the share will be mounted.

Slashes “/” MUST BE REPLACED with dashes “-” with .mount as extension. This means, if we want mount to “/storage/music” (see above “Where=/storage/music”) then this file must be renamed to ‘storage-music.mount’. This is only for the filename! not for the What= and Where= sections!
Enabling the NFS mount

This mount can then be enabled via ssh with the command

systemctl enable storage-movies.mount
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