Troppa elettronica in MotoGP

Finalmente qualcuno ne parla: i giornalisti TV ovviamente non sputano nel piatto dove mangiano e non lo dicono, ma l’ elettronica è una rovina per lo spettacolo della MotoGP.

E’ molto interessante il discorso di Wayne Gardner:

Electronics technology has overtaken the ‘gladiatorial’ element of riders doing battle in MotoGP
when you raced the four-strokes compared to the two-strokes, it was 70 per cent easier.
So straight away, that’s an easy way to go racing, and safer.
Then you add in the electronics, which brings the safety aspect up a lot higher, but also takes away a lot of the thrill.
I think it’s lost a little bit of its touch with the public, and the thrill and the excitement, and seeing the gladiators out there, fighting.

MotoGP’s new-for-2016 ECU has been dubbed a “step backwards” by some riders, but Gardner – who has been reunited with 500cc bikes in the World GP Bike Legends series – feels more could still be done.

However, he concedes that is unlikely, based on the manufacturers’ interests.
“In my opinion, take all of the electronics off them,”

“They’ve got electronics, anti-wheelie and clutch and launch control, all of the other gizmos.

“We have no control over it, because it’s what the manufacturers want, but it’d be nice if they threw the electronics off all of the four-strokes.

Molto simile il discorso di Casey Stoner:

Electronics: Everyone must have the same driving style.
in qualifying all must brake late. Open the throttle again and so it does the rest. There isn’t finesse.

Electronics helps a lot of pilots, who are not able to control the bike, to fight with the best.

For Stoner the electronics have unified riding styles: […] No one can make a difference in output. It all depends who brakes later and who is willing to take more risks.

Praticamente le moto fanno tutto da sole…..


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